Past and ongoing projects

Euromed Migration V training, Malta, 2022

Training on Behavioral Science for Policymakers

The International Centre for Migration Policy Development has invited us to give 1day training on behavioral science for policymakers at the Euromed Migration V training – a program founded by the European Union.

With Radio La Benevolencija Humanitarian Tool Foundation

Using video games to reduce extremism

Developing cooperative social relationships between groups in a fundamental challenge for human societies, especially in the context of mundialization, where people from diverse background and culture are brought to live together. A critical scientific and societal challenge consists therefore in developing and evaluating interventions that improve social relationships between groups and reduce prejudice towards people considered as ‘outgroup’. In this project, we test the effectiveness of a video game for reducing psychological and cognitive biases towards minorities in Europe.

Service Public Federal de Justice

Investigating how prisons alter people’s ability for prosocial decisions

At the end of the prison sentence, former inmates are expected to go back to civilian life without committing further delicts. However, in Belgium, it has been shown that almost 60% of former inmates return to prison within a period of more or less 20 years, potentially demonstrating the negative influence of prison on people’s future decisions to act legally and/or prosocially or against the law. We currently work in different prisons in Belgium in order to investigate with neuroscientific methods how prisons alter one’s ability to make prosocial decisions.